How to Choose a Lawn Tractor for Plowing?

Lawn Tractor for Plowing

The development of small private farms has increased the demand for mini tractors. They are convenient, inexpensive and economical. In addition, they have enough advantages, which are more than enough for small areas.

The price range is very wide, however, we note that the best tractor is not the one that is more expensive, but the one that fully pays for its cost.

The main purpose of the special equipment is agricultural work. For example, plowing, planting crops and inter-row cultivation. Today we will talk about such machines and find out why it is better to choose them for plowing.

Mini tractor manufacturers

Inexpensive mini tractors are in great demand. These are mainly American technology, or cars from China, Japan and Europe. European and Japanese tractors are too expensive. In addition, budget models have already reached the level when, having the functionality of more expensive analogs, they are several times cheaper.

It is possible for large farms to purchase expensive and powerful tractors, but compact equipment will also perfectly cope with individual plots. First, consider the Chinese mini tractors. Among them there are very good options that, with a good engine power, provide the user with everything necessary.

What to be guided by when choosing a mini tractor for plowing?

You can choose a car based on general characteristics. You can choose a tractor based on the characteristics in such catalogs as tractorhouse or tractorid.  For example, one of these characteristics is the traction class. Tractive effort depends on the power of the power unit installed in the tractor, and the power of the engine, in turn, affects the quality of plowing.

Most inexpensive mini tractors have power ratings between 10 and 24 hp. Of course, it is better to look at those models that are more powerful. That is, consider cars with a capacity of at least 15 “horses”. This tractor is sufficient for most easy tasks.

However, if a farmer plans to expand his farm and impose heavy loads on the tractor, it is better to purchase the same 24 hp. These machines will perfectly cope with the same tasks as their more powerful counterparts. But for an honest economy, it makes no sense to overpay several times for power. Most of them have enough power for their eyes.

The value of the plow for plowing the land

In addition to engine power, attachments are of great importance for plowing fields. If organic fertilizers are used, a plow with smaller body brothers is recommended. It is even possible with one, but with subplugs. It is advisable to use such an assembly if it is covered with vegetation. In well-worked weed-free soil, a plow without plows and a large body is suitable.

How To Choose Best Concrete Saws

Concrete Saws

Concrete cutting is an operation that is widely used at all stages of construction and repair work. Various equipment for cutting concrete is used depending on the features of the structures, the age of the material and the working conditions. The variety of tools allows you to quickly solve any problem of cutting concrete, including when exact, accurate, curly cuts are required and it is necessary to minimize the amount of dust and construction debris.

Types of tools and characteristics

The necessary efficiency is achieved by the use of diamond cutting technology. High-quality cutting is also carried out by affordable lasers. Rail, mobile, portable and stationary tools are types of equipment in which diamond is cut. This equipment has electric, gasoline, diesel, pneumatic and hydraulic drives.

Concrete Saws

Its working parts have various designs, diameters and types, however, coatings of various resistance include diamonds. Depth of cut, concrete strength and the presence of reinforcement in a particular design determine whether manual equipment will be used or if a more powerful machine is needed. The resistance of the material heats the cutting (drilling) parts, so they need to be cooled with water, air. A crumb of diamonds is attached to the cutting surface of the discs by soldering (for wet cutting) and welding it with a laser to the surface (for dry cutting).

While working with concrete choose only the best concrete saws. A сoncrete ыaws is usually used to form horizontal cuts in concrete (roads, runways, etc.). The depth of cut can be up to 60 cm. The design consists of a supporting frame and a drive unit connected via a belt drive to a cutting tool, which has the function of regulating the depth of cut. The wet cutting technology is implemented by supplying water from the tank to the place of work, but there are modifications without it. The electric cutter can be manual or self-propelled. The latter (it uses a gasoline drive) is much more powerful, it is used in conditions of high humidity and in the absence of electric mains. Self-propelled diesel equipment is the most overall, and is designed for long-term continuous use. The power of the devices and the rotation speed of the diamond discs make it possible to cut both unreinforced and reinforced material.


Wall saws

A wall saw performs precise cutting of concrete walls, blocks in all planes, both in the air and under water. It has a low noise level and high performance. Such a cutter makes a cut to a depth of 0.9 m. Its design is based on a sturdy frame on which a transmission and a segmented cutting disc are mounted. The equipment moves along the guide rail (mounted on the wall) and has a smooth speed controller. The waste material and excess heat are removed from the disk by running water supplied at a speed of 10 l / min. A device can also be installed that draws in and removes used water from the cutting area. Electric models operate from a three-phase network, in powerful equipment they use oil stations connected to hydraulics.

Hand tools

There is equipment that allows you to cut concrete with your own hands. Grinders help cutting in dry and wet conditions, which involves the use of appropriate types and modifications of discs (turbo-diamond, endless, segmented) with a diameter of 0.2 – 0.8 m. Such a tool requires cooling with water (air). For cutting to a depth of more than 0.1 and up to 0.16 meters, an electric, pneumatic or hydraulic cutter – a circular saw – is already required. The cutter can have a gasoline drive, which makes it more powerful, but it creates exhaust fumes. The greatest productivity and durability has hydraulic equipment. With a mass of about 8 kg, she makes cuts up to 26 cm deep. Tool hole preparation is carried out with perforators using a diamond crown. With such powerful tools, they drill holes with a diameter of up to 45 cm with their own hands (carbide crown). Wall fragments can also be cut with a chainsaw on concrete. It will provide a filigree cut of the desired shape. The hand saw has a water-cooled cutter, which is formed by a metal chain with a dusting (diamond). Such a saw is effectively used when working with unreinforced or slightly reinforced material. The drive, providing a depth of cut of seams up to 50 cm, can be with a gasoline engine or powered by an electrical outlet.

Rope cutting

Cutting of large-sized walls, structures is also done with the help of equipment, the active element of which is a rope with evenly distributed segments of diamond grains. Such a tool can cover up to 10 m2 of the area of ​​the future cut. The product includes a power plant, a cutting metal cable, a pulley (creates movement) and exhaust rollers (form a cut form). The unit drive is powered by a three-phase network or can be hydraulic. Before starting work, a hole of the desired diameter is drilled in the structure, a rope is pulled into it. The closed loop of the cable is attached to the pulley. The supplied water frees the working area from waste material and cools the tool.


The task of giving the already installed concrete the right sizes, shapes arises at different stages of construction, repair. Features of the material, its age, density, and the presence of reinforcement require the use of appropriate equipment, the diversity of which allows you to solve any problems.

How to Choose Led Headlights

led headlights

Car headlights are one of the most important components; HID and halogen lamps are used in most vehicles on the road. In recent years, LED headlights have become another option for us to modernize car headlights. There are as many different LED headlights on the market as the best LED headlights for your car, which is often confusing.

Headlights are now standard in every vehicle and can be replaced from time to time. This can be done to improve the headlight quality, to replace defective headlights or for purely aesthetic reasons.Continue reading →

How To Choose a Lawn Sweeper in Greatwood District

how to choose lawn sweeper

The quickest way to clean up a territory is to sweep it. The broom is suitable for the house, a small courtyard, steps, terrace. For large areas, it is best to purchase special equipment. It is called a sweeper-sweeper. What a janitor with a broom can hardly do in half a day, this technique will do in half an hour.

The harvesting machine is a moving wheeled unit equipped with a brush. Brushes are installed from below, or in front – rotary. They spin, sweeping the trash. Made of high strength hard nylon, wire or natural material. They perfectly sweep snow, leaves, sand from any surface.

Nothing complicated, as you can see, but, meanwhile, such a structure provides high speed and thoroughness of cleaning. It is applied for:

  • closed premises: workshops, warehouses;
  • fenced areas: parking, parking, sites;
  • territories near enterprises and institutions: hotels, schools, offices, supermarkets, etc.
  • highways;
  • streets, sidewalks;
  • house territories.

The design can be complicated by various devices, including another rotating brush. This is a two-stage cleaning method that makes it possible to sweep with absolute cleanliness. The Karcher brand is the absolute leader in Europe in the production of cleaning equipment.

Types of Sweepers

The choice of a sweeping machine should begin by identifying the tasks that it must solve. It is necessary to take into account the size of the site or premises, the frequency of tasks and even the type of waste and the degree of pollution. The power and type of proposed equipment depend on this. These units are of three types:


Hand tools are completely mechanical. They need to be pushed in front of you, holding the handle. When moving, the brush begins to rotate. Mechanical appliances are ideal for home or garden. They are cheap, economical because they do not require electricity or fuel. Lightweight and compact. They are conveniently stored in a small closet. They cope with a small and not too polluted area.


Equipped with an electric motor. Autonomous, because they work not from the network, but from the built-in battery. Basically, such units also need to be moved on their own – they do not have a wheel drive. But the brush nozzle rotates, thanks to the energy of the battery, which provides much higher performance than manual ones. Dirt is collected in a special, plastic container. It is easy to remove and empty. The case is lightweight, plastic. The advantage of such units is the use in enclosed spaces. They work quickly and accurately.

Their price is high, depending on the type of battery. There are models on sale that do not include a battery. They are cheaper, but you should buy a high-quality battery, which is quite expensive. Tips for choosing a battery – the best is a lithium-ion battery that charges quickly, is immune to low temperatures and provides energy for at least 3 hours of operation. With it you get excellent stand-alone equipment, it is possible to use in a private house, office and at the enterprise.


The petrol drive is the most productive. Designed to clean areas outdoors. Used for medium and large areas. A full tank of gasoline is enough for 4-5 hours of operation. The resource of such equipment is the highest, as is its productivity and speed. These are functional and powerful units. Startup Type:

  • Manual (cable) – in most models.
  • Electric starter (by turning the key) – only for certain models from some brands.

Type of pollution – what kind of garbage should be cleaned

To remove areas of different sizes, you need to know the structure of pollution. Based on this, various types of machines are used.

  • Vegetable (leaves, grass, branches) – you can choose any lawn sweeper, depending on the size of the site.
  • Construction – we recommend gasoline. Since this is heavy and large debris, you will need a powerful unit with a rigid, wire bristle.
  • Household – battery and mechanical devices that can work indoors will handle it. For fine dust, it is worth choosing a soft and thick pile. For cleaning carpets, a special carpet brush is used as a nozzle. Natural or soft artificial fibers. Keep in mind that sweepers are not floor cleaning. They do not wash the floor, but only sweep it.
  • Snow is a better gas appliance. The snow sweeper makes it possible to attach a dump to it and clean a fairly high snow cover. Soft, freshly fallen snow 5-10 cm tall, sweep away with a stiff brush.


The speed of cleaning from dirt (productivity) is an important parameter. It is determined by some technical characteristics:


The width of the rig itself directly affects this factor. The wider it is, the greater the passage at a time and the higher the cleaning speed. But if there are a lot of obstacles on the site or its configuration is complicated, then you do not need a wide brush – you will not be able to get into a bottleneck.

At the same time, the speed of completing tasks increases if the equipment has:

  • rotation speed adjustment;
  • height adjustment.

Recommended Area

For large volumes and flat overall dimensions, powerful devices with wide accessories are chosen. If the site is small, narrow, with elevations, steps – you need light and maneuverable devices with narrow nozzles.


The power of the installed motors is also important. Petrol drives from 4 to 5 hp good if you need to clean medium-sized areas. For heavy cleaning on large areas, choose more powerful – 5.5 -7 hp

Principle of operation

The method of operation of cleaning equipment is mainly traditional. The brush nozzle sweeps away dirt and waste, picks it up and transports it to a container.

There are three common sweeping principles:

  1. Notice. This is a direct supply of dirt directly to the waste bin. Very effective for large and heavy debris, such as construction waste.
  2. Throwing. Equipment throws garbage above itself into a container. More thorough cleaning, as it collects fine dirt well. The tank is located at the rear, which improves visibility. And it is filled from above, which makes it possible to use the entire volume of the container + “slide”.
  3. Suction. The most productive is the vacuum system. Airflow sucks the smallest dust inside. The vacuum is created by an impeller powered by a motor.

Drive – push or ride


Devices without a wheel drive push slightly in front of them. It is not burdensome if they are light and comfortable. As a rule, they have a smaller tank.


Wheel drive is the advantage of gasoline models. Firstly, it increases comfort, and secondly, the cleaning speed.

Driven by

The most convenient units are with steering and operator seat. They have high performance, spacious waste bins. Sitting and operating the sweeping device is comfortable in all conditions.

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