How to Choose a Lawn Tractor for Plowing?

Lawn Tractor for Plowing

The development of small private farms has increased the demand for mini tractors. They are convenient, inexpensive and economical. In addition, they have enough advantages, which are more than enough for small areas.

The price range is very wide, however, we note that the best tractor is not the one that is more expensive, but the one that fully pays for its cost.

The main purpose of the special equipment is agricultural work. For example, plowing, planting crops and inter-row cultivation. Today we will talk about such machines and find out why it is better to choose them for plowing.

Mini tractor manufacturers

Inexpensive mini tractors are in great demand. These are mainly American technology, or cars from China, Japan and Europe. European and Japanese tractors are too expensive. In addition, budget models have already reached the level when, having the functionality of more expensive analogs, they are several times cheaper.

It is possible for large farms to purchase expensive and powerful tractors, but compact equipment will also perfectly cope with individual plots. First, consider the Chinese mini tractors. Among them there are very good options that, with a good engine power, provide the user with everything necessary.

What to be guided by when choosing a mini tractor for plowing?

You can choose a car based on general characteristics. You can choose a tractor based on the characteristics in such catalogs as tractorhouse or tractorid.  For example, one of these characteristics is the traction class. Tractive effort depends on the power of the power unit installed in the tractor, and the power of the engine, in turn, affects the quality of plowing.

Most inexpensive mini tractors have power ratings between 10 and 24 hp. Of course, it is better to look at those models that are more powerful. That is, consider cars with a capacity of at least 15 “horses”. This tractor is sufficient for most easy tasks.

However, if a farmer plans to expand his farm and impose heavy loads on the tractor, it is better to purchase the same 24 hp. These machines will perfectly cope with the same tasks as their more powerful counterparts. But for an honest economy, it makes no sense to overpay several times for power. Most of them have enough power for their eyes.

The value of the plow for plowing the land

In addition to engine power, attachments are of great importance for plowing fields. If organic fertilizers are used, a plow with smaller body brothers is recommended. It is even possible with one, but with subplugs. It is advisable to use such an assembly if it is covered with vegetation. In well-worked weed-free soil, a plow without plows and a large body is suitable.